a work shop (hk) ltd.

“a work shop (hong kong) ltd.” is a full service branding and design consultancy established in 2005. our highly collaborative team with multi-discipline experience brings you innovative and inspiring business solutions. single pieces of designs are not our sole focus. we are eager to develop users’ experience for our clients. for years, we have helped many of them advance their brands with a strategic approach and provided them with high quality follow-up design services.

“識別整合 (香港) 有限公司”是一間品牌設計顧問公司,成立於2005年初。我們的團隊有不同範疇的經驗,且具團隊精神,定能為你帶來創新而又 融入商業元素的方案。我們並不只著眼於單一件設計製成品,我們更重視要顧客有良好的體驗。多年來,我們一直有策略地提升我們客戶的品牌,為他們提供具素質的跟進 設計服務。


Get Creative!

We’ve helped many brands develop and implement an effective creative strategy that carries across multiple channels.

What we do

Why you need a brand strategy

A compelling brand is absolutely essential in today’s digital world. And if you think your brand is simply your logo think again. Your brand becomes your voice; it is how you communicate with your clients and customers across multiple channels. Your customers and clients will expect to see your brand on all your print collateral as well as your online presence, including your website and your social media platforms. And as we like to say: “You Must Own Your Brand!” The reason why is simple; if you don’t own your brand, someone else will. And that is not a good thing!

Where We Come In!

A brand strategy that does not seamlessly integrate across multiple platforms leads to confusion and missed opportunities. We can design effective brand collateral that works across multiple platforms and even in print, so regardless if you need an online look for your product and wrap the truck that delivers it with the same image we literally have you covered! Our design and marketing consultants will help you choose the best look and content for your brand, and work with you to define the voice you want to use to broadcast your message. At the same time we will make sure that your intended brand name is available for online registration and potential trade marking. With a cohesive brand strategy you will not only be off to a great start, but any required add-ons will be much easier later with advance planning now.

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Case Study

Thanks so much ! Once again, we are so pleased with your wonderful work and the opportunity to have you there to capture our memories. I’ll surely go through the proofs with Stacey to determine our choices. It’s so tough because they’re all so wonderful.

I just wanted to write you more formally to thank you for the photographs.  It was a cold day and we all dealt with the elements, but it’s a really special way for my wife and I to look back on the place we were married.  Creative is a special place to us, and these photos will make it even more special.  We’ll certainly be going back!