Who we are

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“a work shop (hong kong) ltd.” is a full service branding and design consultancy established in 2005. our highly collaborative team with multi-discipline experience brings you innovative and inspiring business solutions. single pieces of designs are not our sole focus. we are eager to develop users’ experience for our clients. for years, we have helped many of them advance their brands with a strategic approach and provided them with high quality follow-up design services.

branding & design services including:
branding & identity design
corporate & visual image
advertisement & graphic design
• facebook management & social media promotion
website & digital media design
interior design & shop design
• video production
 360-degree AR / VR experience

“識別整合(香港)有限公司”是一間品牌設計顧問公司,成立於2005年初。我們的團隊有不同範疇的經驗,且具團隊精神,定能為你帶來創新而又 融入商業元素的方案。我們並不只著眼於單一件設計製成品,我們更重視要顧客有良好的體驗。多年來,我們一直有策略地提升我們客戶的品牌,為他們提供具素質的跟進 設計服務。

• 品牌形象和視覺設計
• 廣告創作及平面設計
• facebook 專頁管理及網上推廣
• 網站及數碼媒體設計
• 室內及商店設計
• 影片拍攝及製作
• 360 AR / VR 媒體設計

Our leadership

Our staff is strategic, always striving to deliver optimal results for our clients. We are analytical, squeezing every insight we can from lots of data sources and using those to make better decisions. We are creative, always brainstorming fresh new ideas for campaigns. We are bold, not afraid to take a few risks and reap some big rewards.

Billy Chan
Billy Chan
Creative Director
Coey Wong
Coey Wong
Account Manager
Andy Wong
Andy Wong
Production Manager (Product)
Eva Lo
Eva Lo
Account Manager
Ray Lo
Ray Lo
Art Director
Alan Tam
Alan Tam
Creative Director (Interior)

Our benefits

Better brand understanding

The benefit of working with our company is that we consistently understand your brand values across every service we provide because everyone working on your account are in the same meetings and see the same emails and documents as each other, creating a universal awareness of what your brand stands for. At Creative, we spend time getting to know your business, your competitors and your core brand values. We see it as vitally important to understand what your business stands for before we craft a campaign that effectively conveys the uniqueness and values of your business, aiming to provide the highest levels of service and achieve the best results.

Efficient costs

A full service digital marketing agency will employ experts who are all specialists in their own field. As such, employing their services means you get a higher and more widespread level of service for your money in comparison to employing a single digital marketeer in-house and is much cheaper than employing your own team as you’re only paying for the time you use. We will advise you on how many days a month need to be spent on your account across a long term contract, depending on the size of your business and your digital marketing requirements, with the aim of achieving positive results each month within this retainer.

Higher levels of service

Selecting a reputable full service digital marketing agency ensures that your marketing campaigns will be constructed and implemented by the cream of the crop in the digital marketing industry. Agencies only hire the best of the best, and their specialists’ skills are only developed further by focusing solely on creating and maintaining digital marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients across a number of sectors. Your business will also benefit from the connections and contacts that have been established by the agency with local and national media publications as well as industry specific websites, blogs and publications.

Strategic control

We provide high levels of strategic control and depending on the level of involvement you desire, we can consult you frequently throughout the campaigns development and implementation, making sure that you agree with, understand and are aware of everything that we do. Or if you prefer, a good agency should be able to simply ‘get on with it’ and just update you with monthly progress reports.